The security specialists at the SentrySix Defense Group, Inc. (Doing business as "S6"), have extensive experience in providing the highest caliber of U.S./Mexico border security services. We offer these services to private corporations, ranchers and government agencies working along the U.S. / Mexico border. SentrySix is a premiere border security company in South Texas providing an unsurpassed level of service in border security, ranch security and rural security operations. SentrySix, has the intelligence capabilities and access to the latest threat information, so we can neutralize these threats before they become a part of a larger issue. The U.S. / Mexico border is ground zero for the war on drugs, human smuggling, weapon traffickers, and threats from foreign nationals who may have the intent to cause harm to the United States and our interests. Our firm is the leading security agency, assisting with the efforts to combat these issues and has the capability to do so.

S6 is proud to have organized the South Texas Joint Intelligence and Security Operations Center (SOC), and has a great working relationship with the FBI, various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and joint intelligence centers throughout South Texas. S6 Border Security Officers all have extensive experience in the U.S. Military and law enforcement to include U.S. Special Operations. All of our Border Security Officers are expertly trained and experienced in how to handle situations, such as encounters with drug smuggler, human smugglers, and weapon traffickers. 

Our ability to preplan our operations, gathering of intelligence in advance and while on the ground, and the advanced training our officers receive, ensure the success of our officers in their duties. Our officers also have access to the latest equipment to ensure their success. Some types of equipment they use are armored vehicles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), FLIR (Thermal Infrared Systems), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and other latest technologies.

We are here to mitigate the risks and threats to your property, facilities, personnel and business. If your interested in our border security services, contact us today!